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Learn DevOps on AWS
Learning DevOps and AWS from most sources is a massive pain.

The Missing Documentation and Guide to DevOps on AWS

Both AWS and DevOps are topics shrouded in ambiguity, scattered tutorials, and information silos.

What's different about the courses and training on AwsDevOps.io is that you'll learn by creating production-ready projects, diving deep into the "why's" behind decisions, and exploring how all of it comes together from a holistic viewpoint. You'll also learn directly from someone who's done this stuff professionally and has years of instructional experience.

Technologies You'll Learn to Work With

Circle CI

"The workshop is absurdly good, props to you sir. I consume a decent amount of resources and this one definitely stands out. I used parts of this workshop to study for an for an SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) - provisioning job. Keep the goodness coming!"

- Sterling Houghton, Site Reliability Engineer (Nike)

"The workshop is a savior. Learning new technologies is like learning calculus when everything's in French. When you find guidance in English, it's golden. I really like the way you link to the docs. You present the material to a good level of depth, but there are times, as a student, you need to dig deeper. Having links to relevant documentation really helps."

- Andrew Meyer, Senior DevOps Engineer (Pray.com)

"The AWS Devops Workshop has been one of the most valuable technical training experiences I've taken to date. What makes this course really stand out is that students build a real-world CI/CD software development pipeline end to end, using DevOps methadologies (development does the ops/owns the deployment). Learning which tools to choose and why, while being exposed to best practices and the diverse experiences of other students - some who are working with these tools day to day was invaluable. This course exceeded my expectations, while exposing me to many other tools."

- Mark Cohen, President (3rd Stone Consulting)

"Though I had a decent grasp on AWS and Docker, the workshop gave me a deep hands-on experience that reinforced my knowledge and put it in context. Throughout the workshop, I also found the exposure to edge-cases, troubleshooting, and all sorts of smaller tips that are only discovered through real-world experience, very helpful. I've taken a lot of courses and most of them are not taught or presented very well, but this instructor's personality and teaching style made the learning process very enjoyable."

- Marc Martinez, Systems Engineer Sr (Lockheed Martin)

"The tone and clarity of the workshop's content was great and was exactly how I'd want to progress through these topics. Whenever I'd have a skepticism around why something worked the way it did, the instructor would have an in-depth explanation ready. Maybe I got lucky, but the teaching style really matched the way I learn."

- Cara Pacifico, Quality Assurance Engineer (SimpliSafe)

"I have enjoyed the workshop very much. I am teaching a web module to our final years, so I will be using a lot of knowledge gained from your workshop for that. I find your style and pace clear and easy to follow."

- Dr. Torbjorn Dahl, Associate Head for Computing (University of Plymouth, UK)

"The workshop was really good for me and helped tie many of different services in AWS together. Having the larger concepts broken into smaller pieces made the explanations and ideas much easier to understand. Even though I've learned many of the things in AWS piecemeal, it was nice to see them brought together in a project. As someone who has the AWS SysOps Certification, I found what I learned here to be far more useful and practical."

- Pandelis Moshonis, DevOps Engineer (IDG Communications)

"The workshop is very good, you get to know and understand from the basics. Coming from a non-networking background it helped me to understand the different components and their connections. The separation of How-To's and the Why videos makes it easier to come up with the reasoning of why we do certain tasks in the workshop. The teaching analogies to real life concepts give a good perspective to visualize what we are trying to build - especially the building of a city relating to the VPC, subnets, Gateway, Router table, NACLs and the space analogy for the Docker concepts. The final test helps to recap and pull the learning from the workshop together."

- Inthrakumar Palanivel, Senior Technical Architect (Hexaware Technologies)

"The workshop's 8-week pace, well-made content, and active community made for a great learning experience. My favorite thing was the separated How-To videos and Why videos. This made it so that I could do the technical parts when I was at my computer but also watch the conceptual parts when I was on the go. The section at the end with CloudFormation and infrastructure-as-code was a great bonus since I'm always looking to automate things."

- Muram Mohamed, SysOps Engineer (Alert Logic)

"Taking the workshop was a pleasure! Even though I've worked in AWS, it helped me understand the inner workings and details of Docker, ECS, and how they all come together. I've learned from all of the major players in this space and a lot of them sound like robots reading from a PDF. However, the conversational and project-based teaching style of this workshop was perfect for me and I look forward to more content in the future!"

- Willy Vidable, Cloud Solutions Architect (NavaCloud)

"The high level of detail in all of the workshop's content was very useful in terms of understanding the reasons behind decisions and actions taken. When you're searching for information or trying to put something together, it can be hard to come by that deeper level of knowledge. Since the Why videos are separated out, the workshop makes it easy to focus on the technical and conceptual sides. Also, the CloudFormation sections were immediately useful since I work with a lot of automation and infrastructure as code for my company."

- Rob VanOrman, Strategic Account Support Engineer (Alert Logic)

"I learned even more than I thought I would in the AWS DevOps Master Workshop - seeing programming, docker, and development environments all in context of AWS was very helpful. From an engineering point of view, I enjoyed the CloudFormation and Infrastructure-as-Code sections. Fom a personal point of view - The engaging teaching style made it much easier to follow along."

- Stuart Pike, Infrastructure Engineer (Think Money Group)

"I'm a developer who wears many hats, and especially over the past year or more I've been getting into DevOps and managing my AWS environment. I've consumed several other AWS resources/courses, but they are usually tailored to a single AWS service at a time. I appreciate you taking the time to bring several AWS services together. It's easy to follow along."

- Alexander Bihary, Senior Software Engineer (Syndigo)

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