Infrastructure as Code on AWS

Infrastructure as Code on AWS

The Complete CloudFormation and Terraform Course

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Learn everything you need to know to understand, create, and manage infrastructures on AWS with code.

everything you need to know about infrastructure as code on AWS in one place


learn AWS's stable and battle tested infrastructure as code tool

Learn AWS's Battle-Tested DevOps Tool

  • Extensive deep dive into EVERY key concept
  • Techniques and mental models for professional workflows
  • Project-based learning to solidify knowledge and give you REAL experience


Learn HashiCorp's DevOps Power House

  • Learn the latest version .12+ and HCL 2.0 in DEPTH
  • A complete exploration of the language and building infrastructure in AWS
  • Project-based learning with management and deployment for GENUINE experience
learn HashiCorp's DevOps darling Terraform

Course Curriculum

  CloudFormation - Extended Topics
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  • Lifetime Access
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  • Reusable Code Snippets
  • Project Based Learning
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • HashiCorp's Terraform
  • 78 Videos with Text Guides
  • 2020 Ready
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The "Epic Win" of Infrastructure as Code

Have you ever been shown or done something that’s so overwhelmingly intriguing you can’t help but laugh? Well, the first time you build and launch infrastructure as code will give you that “epic win” moment. Why? Because provisioning and managing servers decades ago could be weeks of labor. But now you can create a server in 8 lines of code...

provider "aws" {
  region = "us-east-1"
  profile = "default"

resource "aws_instance" "tf_instance" {
  ami = "ami-082b5a644766e0e6f"
  instance_type = "t2.micro"

...and you can manage and update it all from your text editor of choice.

For all of the opinion wars and marketing battles between technologies...infrastructure as code stands out as a weird one. Why? Because it’s one of the few things that all developers and companies of any size agree upon. Sure, they may fight over which tool or implementation is used, but provisioning and automating infrastructure through code is no longer an IF. It’s a WHEN. And that WHEN has become a NOW.

Why this course?

Because I've been where you've been. I've wasted 1000s of hours sifting through sparse documentation, junk courses by folks that can't teach, and half-baked tutorials. I've dealt with the frustration of outdated materials, amateur instructors, and company marketing in the guise of instruction. All of it drove me crazy because I'm ALSO a developer.

Making sure that none of the mentioned issues are a part of this learning experience was priority during its creation. You'll get clear instruction, links to all relevant documentation, code snippets, and the WHY behind EVERY move we make. You won't just walk away knowing how to follow step-by-step guides. You'll walk away knowing this topic so well that you'll be able to WRITE them if you want to.

Here's the thing - can you learn this on your own? Absolutely. But if this course can teach it to you in under 20 hours...isn't that worth it?

But, regardless of whether or not you choose to join us and enroll in the course, I hope that you'll do yourself a favor and pick this skill up. It really is worth the investment and will only become more essential in the world of technology going forward.

Your Instructor

J Cole Morrison

J Cole Morrison

Cloud Architect, Software Engineer, DevOps Lover, AWS Solutions Architect, Former TechStars HackStar, and Headmaster at!

I run a blog full of free tech guides on all things development, devops and cloud computing called Tech Guides and Thoughts.

Infrastructure as Code on AWS

Infrastructure as Code on AWS

The Complete DevOps Endgame Skill Set

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